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Do most women find men wearing panties to be disgusting or worse, or okay and acceptable?
There are a lot of websites promoting men wearing panties, some showing pictures of women posing with them also in panties. Obviously, they find it acceptable and have no issues with it. However, I know for a fact not all women feel this way. Some get ill at the thought. I'd like to hear some opinions and the reasons for those opinions.
Unfortunately, most women are really uptight and find it offensive. There's no good reason for this and people should seriously get over themselves. There are plenty of real problems in the world to worry about....

But some women, even if it doesn't turn them on per se, have no problem with something that their partner enjoys and are willing to go along with it. Some women find it exciting because it's just a little bit naughty or strange.
I caught my boyfriend posing asz a woman and having cyberse on second life. He says he just does it for laughs?
and that everybody does it. Is that true? BTW, I also found panties in his underwear drawer. He says he just wears them as a comfort thing.
He's not gay - it's more of a guy's lesbian fantasy. There are lots of guys who play girls in SL and plenty of girls who play guys. I know of one woman who is married in real life with guys, who exclusively plays guys in SL and her male avatar even got married to another girl in SL, with the other girl knowing she's really a girl.

The area where it gets odd is where a guy wants to fulfil a lesbian fantasy and decides not to tell anyone he's really a guy. It's turned out - more than once - that two girls in SL - both claiming to be lesbians - have both turned out to be guys. Too funny. The fact is that there are plenty of girls in SL who are more than willing to accommodate guys' lesbian fantasies as long as they know beforehand that the girl is being played by a guy.

Second Life is all about illusion and fantasy. Yes - some single/divorced people meet a person who becomes their real life partner (that's what happened for me), but many people who are in a real life relationship and then start having relationships with others in SL can end up taking it too seriously. In SL you can be anything or anyone you want. Because you are not actually committing to anything in the real world, SL can be a safe place to experiment with various fantasies. If it all goes wrong, you can log out or even abandon your avatar completely. Sadly, some folks don't see the line between fantasy and reality and they start to take their SL romances more seriously than their real life ones. That's when it can get dangerous.

If your bf was gay, he would be playing a male avatar and meeting gay men. There are a lot of them in SL. My SL boss (and one of my best friends) is a real life gay man. He never has to play a girl in SL to find other guys.

My suggestion is that you try and understand your guy's desire to experiment this way. Try joining him in SL and experiment together. Maybe he will be happy to create a male avatar as well. The two of you can enjoy some remarkable fantasies in SL. All women have a masculine side and all men have a feminine side. Sadly, social convention allows women to display their masculine traits, but is not so kind if a man wants to express his feminine side. In SL, guys can do that - and there really are a LOT of them doing it. It's not weird - it's just the first time a lot of guys have been able to express themselves this way.

I get the feeling that by being allowed to express his feminine aspects in SL, he may be happier with his masculine aspects in real life. The two sides get to live their own lives. You can help by encouraging him to keep them apart, but only if you share your relationship in both worlds. By this, I mean that you tell him you will join SL too, but you will be a couple there as well as in real life. Absolutely NO messing around with other people. I even know of couples who swap sexes in SL - the guy plays the girl and the girl plays the guy. In some cases, it helps couples understand each others' needs and desires in real life by role-playing the opposite gender in their SL relationships.

The girl avie and the panties both point to him being firmly heterosexual, but just having a desire to play out some fantasies. Fantasies are very normal, but he needs to be fulfilling them with you and not with others. It's very likely that he would like to live out these fantasies with you, but was afraid to ask. Well, now the cat's out of the bag, you have to make the choice. You can feel that you've been cheated on and leave him, or you can see this as an opportunity to grow together and both start to enjoy experimenting with your fantasies. I would take the latter option.

So don't get angry with him or make him feel bad. Tell him that if he wants his female avatar to have sex with another female avatar, it's going to be with you. Ask him to introduce you to the world of SL. Say that the two of you will fulfil his fantasies together, but in return, you expect him to help you fulfil yours and that may entail him having to create a male avatar as well as his female one.
Pantyhose making a comeback? Yes/No?
A few questions/observations on pantyhose since they seem to making a huge comeback:

1) The biggest fad on the Internet (for men) the past few years has been pantyhose Websites where women pose in nothing but pantyhose (no panties) and high heels. Q: Do you prefer pantyhose with or without panties. I love them without panties.

2) I know they were popular in the 60's and 70's, so I'm wondering if they are making a comeback? I know the girls at Hooters wear them and guys love them.

3) Why do some women say they hate wearing them, but a lot of women say they absolutely love wearing them?
Just wondering.
Personally, I usually wear them with panties unless I am wearing a tight dress/skirt and I don't want to show panty lines. While I think that pantyhose were a bit "out" for a while I never stopped wearing them as I prefer to wear what I like and don't like to have my fashion dictated to me by an industry that only benefits if you constantly turn over your wardrobe to catch the latest fad. I prefer more classic looks. Don't get me wrong I have some trendy stuff but I wear what I like. Not sure why girls hate wearing them as they are just like make up for the legs. More of my gf's are starting to wear them and a few have even asked me what brands I wear (L'eggs Sheer Energy and Donna Karan mostly).
Why are girls so good at looking sexy and...?
so good at stripping and stuff, but they suck at everything else in life?

Let's face it, your average girl will suck at gym class but she's really good at rolling up her shorts that they almost conform to the shape of their panties.

Most women are horrible drivers, but they're amazing at posing in front of cars in a bikini and high heels.

Most girls find clubbing and going to bars as their main source of fun. Everything else is uninteresting, nerdy, etc. But girls are amazing at grinding against their girlfriends.
Because we're hot.
Who supports Trya Banks when she says Strippers are bad?
strippers are woman who go out in nuthing but pantines and bra, so that guys can lust for their goodies and give them money

Tyra Banks is a woman who poses for pictures in nuthing but panties and bra, so that guys can lust after her goodies and buy the magazinnes,..she gets the money!!

similar huh??...i dont think stripping is the best alternative but do u think Tyra Banks has room to critisize??
i love tyra
Why do some women feel the need to show off their bodies in whatever way they can?
Examples of how women show off their bodies:
1. Wear extremely revealing clothes
a. Low-cut tops that reveal their breasts
b. Thong bathingsuits and thong panties that show off their butts
2. Flash their breasts, butts, and vaginas
3. Pose nude in photographs
4. Walk around naked in public places where people are clothed
a. A plaza area
b. The sides of streets on sidewalks
c. In parks
d. In stores
e. In bars and nightclubs
f. In parking lots
for attention...Duh!!
I think my girlfriend who travels a lot is seeing someone because I found a sexy photo of her I haven't seen?
We have been together for some time and I thought all was going well. I do know that she was considering getting implants because her two cousins close to her own age got them. They often go out to restaurants and clubs together and I think she felt they were getting all the looks even though I think she is very attractive. So I bring this up because I found a sexy photo of her in lingerie and it's with her new boobs so it wasn't taken before we met. I can't tell where it's taken because it looks like a sheet or cloth was hung up behind it on the wall. And to top it off she has no panties although she's wearing a little skirt but she's holding it up like a fun tease. So whoever took the photo? She must feel pretty comfy with. I mean it could be a woman but I really doubt it. I hope I'm not wrong. I just don't think she'd be posing for a woman this way. In fact I'm going to put a link to where I saved it and you can tell from her smile and pose it's not for a woman. I even found a photo that is without the lingerie. I cropped her head out for obvious reasons. It's the second link so be warned about nudity. What I'm saying is she would only do this for a man right?



The thing is she is otherwise very nice to me and I don't want to bring it up as I think she may just leave. I've been getting the feeling she's not as interested in sex as I think she's finding it more exciting 'on the road'. She's a flight attendant so she travels a lot and meets many people. I may just have to discuss it with her and get it over with.
You gotta talk to her about this. Dont keep it in your head, you do NOT want this.
And please DONT worry about her leaving. I'm pretty sure there's alot of decent girls out there. Do talk to her! Until then, the pics mean NOTHING!
Hope everything turns out okay!
Have to wear women's sleepwear tonight?
Ok i have lost a bet to my wife. She has sent me to hear to ask you what i have to wear. She will choose from one of the answers. I have to wear the women's sleepwear tonight and im a guy. Also we are going to bed in about an hour. You have to choose from what we have. She has thigh high stockings with a garter belt, panties, thongs, bras, a short blue slip, a long red slip, a teddy, a teddy with sleves, and leggings, and tops and a sexy nurse uniform. She also said i have to sleep with shoes on, either high heeled boots, or high heel sandal like shoes. Also she wants you to choose if i should dance and pose for her the whole night, or if i should just get a nights rest with her.
LMFAO!!! Oh, Joe... I wonder, man, I wonder what the hell you did!!!

Well, o.k.... let me see if this adorable little bisexual 40 something can do your wife some justice!!

May I suggest a night of cuddling and teasing? And for this, I would highly recommend the thigh high stockings with the garter belt, and the regular teddy (the one w/o the sleeves). Now, since you will look incredible all scantily clad like this, I must insist on the high heel sandals.

Now, Joe... my best guess here (because I RARELY dress in drag - like a guy!) would be to put on some very sexy music and do a very nice lap dance for her. Definitely touch and tease, but don't let her get her way with you just yet. Play with that for as long as you wish. Remember - you are now the woman here... you have all the power for the first and probably only time in your life - LMFAO!!!!

If she desires a pose, make sure the camera is ready to go - she might just want those photos for just about any special occasion!!

If you make love, remember that even as a one night cross dresser, you will be representing dykes, lesbos and bi's all over the world, so do us proud!! Be gentle and give her what she wants. Please her first.

If you decide to just cuddle and sleep, hold her gentle, stroke her hair and back and not only whisper sweet nothings in her ear, but tell her why you love and cherish her. She will love it.

Oh, and Joe - whatever it is that drove her to this point - Don't ever do it again, o.k.? And don't tell your friends about this - you haven't earned the right... she will speak of it only if she wants - man, I wish you guys were my neighbors!!!

All the best!! Have a great night!!

*EDIT - O.K. It's the next day - how was last night - we are all dying to know!!!!*
Married women what do you think?
So I am married and I look at porn online almost daily. My wife never complains about this probably because I want sex more than she does. So I asked her if I could take some nude and semi nude photos of her because I would rather look at those then what’s on line. She said she didn't mind as long as they never leave our house or remain on our camera. So I took some photos of her in her panties, but I want to ask her for more graphic poses. Is that wrong?

How would you react if your husband asked this? Is there anything that is more acceptable or less acceptable for you husband to want to photograph for his own enjoyment?

Please no BS I am looking for real feedback. Thanks
I would take it as a comment. I would do it for my husband. Like you said I would prefer him to look at me then someone else. I don't think there is anything wrong with it but I would make sure those photos are in a VERY safe place. That is just for you and your wife to know about.
Am I a transexual man/woman?
Please no meanness=)

Well, I've considered myself bisexual up to now. A two or a three on the klinger(can't remember his name) scale. I'm very picky when it comes to sex with men. I don't like hardcore, I don't like cruelty, I don't like excessive masculinity. I like gentle men. At first, I just liked frotting, kissing, cuddling, but then I found out that I liked receiving(but not at all giving) anal. It made me feel feminine.

I got into cyber sex a while ago, and, after a while, I decided to pose as a woman, mainly because I wasn't able to find partners. I didn't consider myself gay at the time, I was just experimenting. Well, I found that I really enjoyed it, and felt feminine. I posed as a woman more and more, and I enjoyed it more and more.

Also, since I was young, maybe 9 or 10, and still now, I've enjoyed wearing my mother's cloths. Her panties, her bra, her panty hose, her makeup and I liked putting her lotion on.

So now I'm thinking, maybe I'm transexual? Maybe that's why I like to have sex with men, to feel feminine?

I'm not sure about definitions. I don't want to have any kind of surgery. I'm happy being a man most of the time, I just like to be a woman some of the time. Does that still make me a transexual, or something else? Also, and I a transexual man or transexual woman?

Thanks a ton! I'm kind of glad to be LBGT now, cause I've got more in common with you guys than with anybody else.
You don't sound Transsexual, but this is not something anyone but you can truly answer.. Transsexual people typically KNOW they are in the wrong body (usually their earliest memories are about feeling "wrong", and typically they do not like to use their incorrect genitals sexually.

Many people get sexual pleasure from fantasy scenarios where they imagine they are the opposite gender. Some people take these fantasies into reality, and venture out into the world presenting as the opposite gender. Some of these ventures lead to homosexual sex. This scenario does not make a person Transsexual, it makes them a fetishistic cross-dresser.

Virtually all Transsexual people have cross-dressed before they Transitioned, but for them, cross-dressing wasn't about sex (or very rarely was it about sex.) When a Transsexual person wears clothes of the opposite sex, they do it to alleviate their dysphoria and to validate their internal gender. In very rare cases, people who dress for sexual reason can go on to seek Transition because they feel that even without the sexual component, their identity is strongly that of the opposite gender. There really are no absolutes when it comes to this condition. Only you know for certain if you are male or female. I would recommend talking to a gender therapist to sort out your feelings.

I can give you one piece of advice... Transition isn't about dressing in clothes, or feeling feminine, or who you feel attracted to. Transition is simply about correcting your body so it matches your mind. Everything else is incidental. Ask yourself this question, "Am I ready to lose everyone and everything in my life in order to be the person I know I am." If the answer is ANYTHING other than yes, you are not ready to Transition, whether you are Transsexual or not. Transition is a walk through the fire - one which many people can not complete. And even if you know Transition is for you, you're going to need anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 dollars (spread out over 3-4 years) to do it.

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