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My Dog's nipples leak a clear, milky liquid?
Sometimes, when you squeeze and suck on my dogs nipples, they will leak a clear milky liquid. I don't understand why this is happening since the dog isn't pregnant. Is this sort of thing normal?
you suck your dogs nipples??

It must be pregnant. Otherwise it would not produce milk.
Is it possible for men to suck on your nipples during breastfeeding period?
is it possible or it will be too wet and milky?
LOL, sorry to laugh but I have been faced with this very same thing before and I hope I can help you answer. Do it after you feed and pump out the rest. That is what did it for me.

Now, some men don't mind at all and actually like it while others are just disgusted by the whole thing. You will just have to see with your own. But, once again I found that feeding the baby and then pumping made things going very smooth for me.

Good luck. ^^
I squeeze my breast and nipple at anytime and i can get a milky discharge. Why?
Is it because my boyfriend plays with them too roughly or sucks too hard and they think that they should keep producing more?
Yeah mine does the same thing sort of. When I squeeze nipple I get a more clear fluid and some time cloudy. Mm OBGYN says it's normal especially during your period. With your boyfriend doing that will make it continue. It isn't unhealthy just weird. So if you don't like it tell him to stop. If you don't care then don't worry about it.

On a side note: How can you stand it. I have super sensitive nipples. My husband just has to brush his hand against them and I have to slap his hand away. It tickles horribly.
Hasany one ever had discharge out of there left breast?
i have no pain in my breast but i have noticed like once or twice a month there is wet stuff on my left side of bra then my husband without me asking or telling him asked me if i had a normal period witch i no im not pregneat cause he tasted something when he was sucking my nipple likea milky stuff just help if you can
The liquid in your breast is not good to be secreted if you do not have a guy or are not pregnant. The milkiness is normally when you are pregnant/if you have a guy. The color of the liquid that secretes should be a brownish/blackish color/dark. You nipples secrete when there is a lot of pressure put on them.
Purple area on both my nipples for months and months what is it?
Hi, my l/o is 16 months (BF on demand four times a day +) and I have had a large purple area come up on the upper L part of both my nipples, despite always having different opposite feeding positions for months and months so long I can't even remember. The purple areas do produce milk from the outlet in the middle but seems to run out first ie I express after a feed and they produce nothing where as other oulets on the nipples do elbeit not that easy after a feed. The other outlets that produce milk easy aren't noticable but there are others around the outer nipple area and at t he bottom that looke milky white too and will produce clearish fore like milk. On the L side about 4 months ago I had a milk blister on the purple area part and alo of cheezy stuff came out but it's really had to disloge this gunk even with a frequent feeding with a strong suck, no pain blw just discomfprt like she's sucking and nothing comes out - what is it? Why is is happening? My nipple returns a normal collour straight away but remains mis shapen in those areas I have suffered no probs other than the blister at around 12 months. I have BF all my 3 babies for a long time and into pregnancy but never had this. Please help x
Possible bruising? Sounds like it might be worth seeing a doctor.
Nipples leaking but not pregnant?
Ok, a bit of a weird one... my nipples occasionally leak a milky substance when my partner has a bit of a suck on them.

The funny thing is that it happens when I start feeling maternal. When we got our kitten, they leaked for a good two months. After that I found out my brother was having a baby and they leaked for a couple of days... then I had a scare and thought I was pregnant (I wasnt, I was just a couple of days late) and they leaked for about a month after that. They have now started up again as the other day I saw my brothers BF who is 5 months pregnant and they are leaking whenever my partner sucks on them...

My mum thinks I am a 'natural born mother' (I have no guys yet. I am 22, have been with my partner 4 years and she thinks its my body telling me that it is 'ready' to start producing guyren of my own)

Has anyone else experienced this? I do admit, I am a bit clucky and would love guys but they are still a good 2-3 years away (if they are planned that is)
It's a little weird that you would be experiencing that if you are not pregnant, what i would do is talk to a doctor to get the best advise on why this would be happening to you.
Is there anything other than pregnancy that can cause lactation?
I have only been sexually active with my current boyfriend for one month. Before that, I have not had sex in three years. Tonight, however, I noticed that there is a milky discharge from one of my nipples.

1. Is it possible for lactation to occur in only one breast?
2. Is there anything other than pregnancy that can cause lactation? (i.e. during foreplay, my boyfriend sucks on my breasts... can this stimulation cause it?)
3. How early in pregnancy does lactation start?

I have not had any other blatant symptoms of pregnancy, and I have an appointment with a free clinic to take a test there, but I wanted to know beforehand if there is any hope.
Lactation could happen even if you are not pregnant. I've known of women who breastfeed their adopted babies so in that case they never got pregnant. They breastfeed with the help of milk inducing medicenes. But these types of medecines play with the hormones -Prolactin is a very good cause of it. if Prolactin hormone is too much in the body it might lead to a fluid flowing out of the nipples. Its not good if that is the case because it might lead to infertility also and as you are saying that your doctor has told you that you can never be pregnant I want to say that no doctor can tell you if you'll ever have a guy or not. its all in God's hands. But if your prolactin is high then it can be corrected with medicenes. See a good reprodutive endocrinologist for fertility meds.
Is my girl friend pregnant or something???
we had sex a couple of times and she has also taken i-pills a couple of times last time she had an i-pill was on the 26th of December, 2009 after which she had her regular periods. last we had sex was on the 14th of April, 2010 with a condom on (that to two one on top of the other for double protection), but again in the first week of may she had her periods. but it was yesterday when i saw on sucking her nipples a different taste. then on pressing her nipples i saw a milky semi-transparent liquid being secreted from both of her nipples. We're very much scared about this, moreover she not even 20 years of age, she's only 19.. could this be pregnancy or breast cancer or what . please do help please.. is there even the smallest of possibilities that she's pregnant. please do help..please
NEVER use more then one condom. If u guys have sex use ONE condom and pull out b4 u go. This is one of the safes ways bc if the condom rips the chances of her getting prego are smaller but not 100% . You need to educate ur self a little more about sex b4 u go on and do it. Both 19 and 20 is ( in my opinion) still to Young to have a guy. And ur also saying the last time u guys had seX was in April And u haven't since and she had her period this month then no she isn't prego. U can search SEX on line or talk to ur parents about sex. Bc it seems like u don't know much about it
How does hiv work in body?
suck woman breast on 21st Oct then i noticed a milky discharge from her nipple during the evening then after three weeks 12th Nov i started have fever and body weakness for like 2 weeks.i don't sleep well or eat well later i have bump in the mouth.Is it symptom of HIV?
Go to a doctor.
Marks out of ten for this naughty story, read if ye dare,, not in good taste. You have been warned!!!?
There was a bloke on the pull in the pub. Pretty drunk decides to have a go with the fairly plump girl he spies and chats her up. They get on pretty well and start copping off with exploring hands and they agree to go back to her place. As they get there and the doors close they are really hot for each other and paws bods and hands make contact real fast. The girl is a bit self conscious so they don't bother with the lights, there is some ambient light so its not pitch dark but as good as, but who cares as his hand explores as her tongue tastes. Now like I said this girl was fairly plump, and as his hand cups her warm round breast his mouth covers her big stiff perky nipple and he licks, runs his tongue around the nipple and gives it a little his surprise some fluid pops out. Taken aback for a second he then thinks hey novelty ****. plump girl...must be pregnant and that's milk. Tasted different to regular milk but **** it he’s going to make the most of it so they go for it for ages several times over with loads attention on her sweet milky nipples. Can’t wait to tell his mates about the novelty boobs as he falls asleep. Birdsong and sunlight awakens his happy slumber next to his warm sleeping woman. Light now emmn; breakfast time he thinks and this time I get to admire the view. So he lifts the duvet running over his hot prize running his eyes across those orbs of delight moving left to right from his left nipple to the edge of her right breast to her right nipple to the flaccid recently deflated off coloured biggest boil he has ever seen dribbling the last remnants of fresh yellowy green pus he happily lapped up the last night sucked through the waxy cap his tongue broke into his mouth. As in utter horror his face paled to the colour of what was last lights milky desert!!!!! Hmmnm extra custard anyone? For that sweet creamy tongue coating taste just imagine it running down your tongue till you swallow. Got yah be careful what you read…

Best fun with this true story is the reaction of the next person you hand this print out to pref over dinner.
Now that was hilarious. At last, someone on here with a sense of humour. Thank you for restoring my faith in the human race. Now where did I put that banana smoothie.....................

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