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Do you think this kind of stuff happens in college football?
Here's the scenario: A college plays a bigger-name school, and is predicted to certainly lose....even though the game is being played on their home field. Bigger-name school comes in the night before. The guys (players) all hit town. And even though it's a small city, it is afterall, a college town....with a lot of hot college babes...(follow me?)

Some of the hot college babes hit on the other team's players, ask them to "party" with them, and promise them a good time. They make it impossible for the poor slobs to turn them down. Now, you figure out the rest.....

Could these situations possibly be set up in order to tire the players of the opposing team, thereby putting them at a disadvantage the next day when they play?
Visiting teams are pretty shut down when they come into other team's towns due to curfew, meals together,practice, etc. Never will happen.
Which college major has the hottest babes?
I need help choosing my major.
Art majors, yoga, and tai chi; that's where all the babes are at
POLL - rate these Hot Babes!!!!! Pics inside!!!!!!!?
I go to college with these hot babes..we're friends but I can't decide which one to date. I think I'm going for the blonde or brunette on the outer corners..which one is the most hot in ur opinion..I reckon they're all gorgeous stunners!

wipe ur brows guys..!
yea sure u go to college w/ miley cyrus. great job.
I got a number from a hot girl, what now? 10 Points! Please help!?
Hot, college babe, about two years younger than I. She's in fact, a freshman and I am a junior.
So, I got her phone number, and I am not sure what to do next. Should I definitely call before the day is over? I certainly don't want to text, but is texting a good idea? How long should I wait to call? Please give me any tips you think will help my cause. :)
call her in like 2 days so she wonders about you a bit inbetween...dont text its impersonal
How can i make a girl turn on when visiting in her college bus?
I just wanna impress this smokin hot babe. Shes not from my college though,thats why i have to visit her at her college bus.Im desperate about her, so plz any girl can help me?I will be grateful to all of u. THANX.
Try talking to her, if impressing her is all you can think of doing then I think you may have a few more years of maturing before you should go for relationships.
Why do young college girls show interest in older men?!!?
It makes me sick to my f*cking stomach! I see young 21 year old freshments talk to 59 year olds at the bar and they are old enough to be her dad and grandpa!! Most girls are so into grandpas and I guess because they have good personality and good conversation that I see 71 year old men with gray hair pick up young 21 year old chicks and even bang them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT IS WRONG WITH TODAYS SOCIETY!! Why is it young girls go after older men and with a young cute guy like me who looks like Brad Pitt or Devon Sawa, they ignore me and don’t show chemistry and wont show sexual interest in me!!!!! Or even be friendly!

I just don’t understand why old farts have the privelage of banging younger hot cheerleader girls!!! And if the older guy talks a lot and is funny, they don’t come across creepy to these skanks! I EVEN SEE THEM MAKING OUT AT THE BAR AND A 61 YEAR OLD MAN AND A 21 YEAR OLD HOT COLLEGE BABE MAKING OUT AT THE BAR AND REALLY GETTING ALONG MAKES ME SICK!! WHY DO COLLEGE GIRLS HAVE A THING FOR OLDER MEN LIKE THAT?!
For some girls it's simply because they're gold diggers - when they see an old man, that's basically their 'prey'. Their looks are the bait and they just reel them in from there because they know they can get what they want.
Another possibility is the maturity level..a lot of guys, especially college guys are still way more immature than most girls, and that's a huge turn off. Older guys usually have things to say that have substance, aren't hooked on video games, don't think alcohol is the best thing known to man, etc.
Yet another possibility is experience...take that how you will lol.
What should I say to this hot girl next to me?
I'm currently an insucure geek at my college. There's this flaming hot babe sitting one desk away from me and I wan't to talk to her. I've noticed her staring my direction, but I don't know if its at me. How should I spark up a conversation?
Just say this:

"Listen, I'm rich, I'm smart and I have a big dick" Drop your phone number on her desk and walk away.
Men who went from "Hot Stud" in h.s. and college, to middle-aged, bald and fat. Does your confidence stay?
What does it feel like to go from hot stud to middle aged, fat and slightly bald...
I'm not being mean... I'm just wondering who's "inside".
Is it still the young stud with all the cofidence? Or is the person inside bald and fat now...?
Your body moved on... did your mind follow?

I guess the same applies to "hot babe" to "middle aged soccer mom". Who's inside?
I was....and I mean was lol a track star....played every sport there was and excelled in them all...and had No problem getting a date.
Now...older.....a little over weight.....yes starting to get a bald spot....hey grass don't grow on a busy street ya know lol....but I am still confident. I guess its because I know what I was....and yes sometimes my mind writes a cheque that my body cant cash....but what the hell lol
I still have this bad habit of defending women....if wife and I are somewhere and I see someone not treating a lady pushing her or hitting her...and it has happened a couple of times....I will react....and not in a nice way. That's when I can feel me old body sayin....Ummm....hey you....WHAT THE HELL are you doing! lol
But so far so good....I think its all how you feel about yourself....but I guess one day my mind and body will be on the same track...till then.....Lets rock! LOL
Guess that's why I love that song...I am not as good as I once was....but I am as good once as I was. *G*
What would YOU think?
if you were looking in your signifigant others phone for a funny forwarded text, and you saw a text from him to his friend saying, "I just served these 2 hot college babes and they left me a $18 tip. Should I ask for a phone number?" Keep in mind, when he spoke about this to me, it was a guy and a girl, not 2 chicks. Then he comes up with some lame excuse that it was just a joke. Oh yeah, and he wont have sex with me either, unless I beg. And he NEVER compliments me. Would you be worried, or is it all in my head?
I'm with Marla...we can tag team....

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