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Gay men and bi men? what kind of underwear do you wear and why?
what do you wear and why? if you wear briefs, boxers, bikinis, jockstrap or thongs how do you feel with them ? is there another kind of the underwear ?
yer i have to agree, boxer briefs. Best feeling ever and they look sexy as hell!
Gay guys: what do you think of men in jockstraps?
I love men in jockstraps. Would you like it if your boyfriend wore one all weekend, if you were staying inside all weekend?
Some fellow gay guys might disagree with me, but personally (well you asked for personal opinions right?) I don't find it very attractive. Maybe with a man I found extremely attractive! But I don't know, it seems that things that emphasise the sexual parts turn me off a bit. I'm more into boxer shorts and or briefs type guys.

But hey, that's just my opinion.
What is a good gay porn site that has lots of men having sex in locker rooms in jockstraps and with coaches?
i would like to find a good gay porn site where there is unlimited videos of athletes having locker room sex jockstrap sex or just having sex with their coaches* or other players
try thats all i know of:/
Men wearing jockstraps?
I've recently joined a gym in my area and have found that while I'm on the treadmill or bike machine that my briefs don't support like I wish they would. My question is, if you were a guy in the lockeroom and saw another guy wearing a jockstrap, would you assume he's gay ? I'm not gay and don't want to give people that impression, but I need more support down there.
Understand this, first and foremost. Clothing is not gay. Shoes are not gay. Hairstyles are not gay. Men who like other men and wish to have relationships with them, however, ARE gay. So an article of clothing you wear at the gym is not going to, in any form or fashion, alter your sexuality or even alter other people's perceptions of your sexuality. If you act like a gay man while wearing a jockstrap, or any kind of underwear for that matter, people will naturally assume you are gay. If you act like a straight man, people will think you're straight, it's as simple as that. If your actions can't convince people you're straight, no matter what you're wearing, perhaps there are some personal things you need to work out. People get naked in locker rooms, and that doesn't make them any more or less gay, so why should a pair of sporting underwear? Jockstraps have been worn for years by men working out and engaging in sports; the jockstrap serves a purpose, and that is to keep the penis and balls from swinging around, and who can argue with function if it works? Also, you're in a gym for Christ's sake, and people go to the gym to work out and get their body in top shape so they can look good; You shouldn't care what people think of you at the gym, it's like someone judging how new building will look that's under construction simply by looking at the tarp covered framework. It's pointless to worry at the gym, as you are a work in progress, and if something you want to wear allows for convenience and makes it easier to work out, wear it. Wear what works, don't worry about what others think, their opinion is useless to you, unless, of course, you're trying to hit on them, at which point, if you're straight, a woman shouldn't be seeing your underwear in the gym. If you're hitting on someone in an area where they can see you're underwear, that'd be the men's locker room, and I believe it's safe to assume that women aren't allowed in there, so you do the math. Work out, do what you want, and don't be bothered by little things so much.
Why do i get horny from sword fighting in the boys locker room?
My gym teacher called me a queer and told me to kill myself. I saw a football player who was black and was wearing a hot jockstrap my wee wee spit at him i don't know why. Also i like sucking on stick shaped objects do all men do this? I caught my mom sucking my dads disco stick and i got jealous and asked when it was my turn also i jack off to gay porn
Are you sure your teacher wasn't coming on to you? Every one of mine wanted to sex me sooner or later so maybe he was just trying to get something going. Make sure he gets to see ur butt & junk and watch to see if he sends a signal like rubbing his crotch or licking his lips......make eye contact then a little smile.
Some straight missionaries and homophobes told me?
that gay people (mostly directed to gay man ) have unhealthy or error relationship with same sex and could be fix with therapy.
Example: many of us turned on by male bonding in sports, military, jail, you name it, where the straight guys always treat each other with casual feeling, gay men put sexual interest in male bonds. That kind of behavior "unrealistically" slammed by navy and military people as tainting solidarity and trust between crew, or dont they just afraid of us, everyone?
That's why dont ask dont tell still being a petty debate in politics.
I personally disagree because I've been in locker room and male restroom every single day and when I in between men, in "casual" situation, I treat them with respect and Idk it's me, I dont necessarily turn on and having fetish watching guy in wrestling gear, athlete, etc. I can distinguish good looking/not so good looking guy, but that's it, my ***** down south.
My attitude in male bonding situation is very frigid and I never looking at other's private member just to get a glance of it, I dont want to disrespect my teammate, I've seen guys with jockstrap all the time yet they're my friends. When they're my friend, they're in different category. When it's hot then it's hot, when it's formal, I can behave.
And oh yeah, I dont have sick fantasy with my father, like some of gays have son-dad fantasy, my relationship with my dad is healthy.
I just like MEN!!! It's my sexual orientation.
But it's hard since we're living in the world of prejudice, I struggling by myself to tell that "hey, not because we're gay then we taking advantage/ abuse you behind your back!"
Of course I'm still in closet, for safety reason. I think my straight friends still can't handle that.
How about you? Are you like me? Or you fit to the stereotype? I want to know how many gay man has locker room fantasy? military fantasy? Dad-son fantasy?
Your question does ramble a little bit, but let me give it a try.

Sexual fantasies: Dude, we all have them. Many people, homo and hetero, have incestuous, locker room, rape fantasies, and sometimes even worse. That doesn't mean that they are acted on, or ever would be. It just is. It is when that fantasy becomes a fixation, preoccupation, or an urge to fulfill that fantasy that they become unhealthy. Most fantasies of this nature pass away on their own volition; they come, they seem interesting, then one day, they disgust us, and they're gone. This is especially true for people who are young.

Missionaries: Don't take your information from them. They are still living in the dark ages in many areas of their misunderstanding of homosexuality. The valid psychatric associations have, long ago, dismissed the idea that homosexuality is a mental illness. They try to keep it alive because the existence of homosexuality is a perceived threat to them and their way of life. I am gay, and the thought of having sex with my dad, brother, etc. is rather disgusting, and I would have a fist ready for someone who would suggest that I must have the desire to be sexual with my father to be gay. These people hang on to ideas that have long since been considered, researched, and abandoned; like the dad-son sex fantasies for gays and the "absent father" syndrome.

Boundaries: This is what you are talking about when you say that you don't look at guys genitalia in the locker rooms. Dude, that's cool. Many gay men have healthy boundaries; knowing what is healthy and acceptable, and what is rude and inappropriate. You are sure not alone in being a gay man with healthy, respectful boundaries of those around you. Being gay does not mean being promiscuous or a sex addict. Bravvo for figuring that out for yourself in your own life. Now, let go that stereotype as you have yourself, and now another gay person to validate for you that this slavvering-in-the-locker-room-and-cravin… stereotype is totally false.

Therapy: The idea of changing one's homosexuality is called "conversion therapy" and it doesn't work. Here are some links about the subject:

What the American Psychological Association says today:…
Look what this poor guy went through:…
General Premise:…
21st Century:…
More debate:…
One Man's Failed Attempt:…
One man's take on this:…
Yet another site questioning it's legitimacy:…
Here is another site saying it doesn't work:…


You are currently on a journey of figuring out how you fit into the larger world being a homosexual in our society. It is a hard, sometimes long, sometimes painful journey, and most often, confusing journey. We all take it. Keep looking around you, keep asking your questions, but one question I'd suggest you ask yourself from time to time is this: "Well, they say gays are so-and-so and I'm not so doesn't that make them ... wrong?"

--- Forgot something ---

Coming out: Many people wish to press other gays to "come out". My opinon on this matter is this: No one knows your situation better than you. No one else, except you, will suffer the consequences or reap the rewards or experience ~your~ struggles, fears, victories, reliefs for doing so. Let your own judgement be your guide on who to tell, when, and how. If you feel it is not needed in your life, then there is no reason. If you feel that it would cause more harm than good, then it probably would. Where you are right now in your journey for self-understanding, I discourage coming out, except possibly to closest, trusted friends. Homophobes and missionaries have already confused your mind about what it means to be gay. I think -- and this is just my opinion -- you need to explore, sort out and decide for yourself if the messages you have received are true, false, or applicable to you before you go confusing the issue by adding more messages. One step at a time, padawan.
I think my friend is gay!?!?!!!?
The other day before a soccer game, I was changing and I saw my friend take off his jeans and he was wearing a man thong! Then he winked at me and asked, You like?" Then he started dancing. At first I thought he didn't know what a jockstrap was or couldn't find one but then he bent over to pick up a pen and I saw a pink thong peeking over his short. I am freaked. I mean, I went camping with this guy. When we were in 6th grade we gave each others wedgies and wrestled. I was taught that homosexuality is a deadly sin. What should I do? Stop being his friend or confront him. I wouldn't mind him being gay so much if he didn't flirt with me and my straight friends. And the thong freaks me out in a way. I mean, I'm straight so what do I do? Help me please!
Is he your friend or not....he was before you saw his underwear.Lot's of men like sexy underwear,even panties! That doesn't make them gay
???????????/jockstraps????????… PLEASE AWNSER?
im 13 and i like looking at men in jockstraps does this mean im gay....

i also like girls 2
just looking at men in jock straps does not make you gay.... being gay is more than that..... if you start acting on your fantasies then probably you would be considered gay. but even then you could be just experimenting.... there is no full and could come out of the closet and then walk back in ... you could also want the best of both worlds.... what the choice is be comfortable....anyway you are too young to worry right now!. just be careful what you do, cause you are too young right now to focus on the these things...
I need advice badly about new gay bar,please answer?
the house i occupy in my neighborhood is just a block away from our downtown's newly added s&m transgender leatherbar,the bouncer who stands guard wears a leather-tanktop with the back exposed and spiked collar around his neck.the bar's various patrons wear outrageous and kinky attire,one man showed up in a chain-jockstrap! and my boyfriend wants me to vist there with him!
Aside from the issue of the bar I would not like to be pressured into going any place. You need to establish bondaries. Your boyfriend needs to respect your wish to not go. If you are not already into that scene then you will not like it there.

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