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Yea maybe

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Do men like big butts.?
i have the "nicest but" of the school guys say. i hate it. guys always will come up to me at school and tell me hey alexa i got a wet dream from u and that a** last night. i get grossed out.
so do men like big butts or sumthing. please tell me. and if u r a girl and u have sumthing like that happen to u with ur "special parts" please tell me how to make it stop. lol thanks
go on diet, and exercise! u need to loose it gf!
I need help for big butts.?
Okay, I'm like 5'4 and weigh 115 pounds. My waist is like 25, and my a** is like a 36-37. I need pants that are tight all over, i.e pants for people with large a**es. I've tried PacSun, Aeropostale, A&E, and Hollister, but they're super skinnies are always loose around the calves; I've also tried Wet Seal Showstoppers and they're pretty great.Anyone have any suggestions for pants?
why on earth are you shopping at those stores for pants that accommodate large behinds? they clearly have nothing there for you!

apple bottoms much?
Why is my hamster`s butt big and pink?
No, its nothing about wet tail disease, trust me, his tail isnt wet, and he`s happy + no diarrea.
Does anyone know why? I`m worried, I want to take him to the vet, but my dad said the vet is too much money. :(
umm...i think what ur looking at is his testicles my friend has a hamster too and he has really big balls and they look like a bum. :p
Kind of funny, but still answer for my friend's sake please?
My friend's boyfriend was in a hyper/goofy mood and so after he took a shower he ran upstairs and was seeing if he could make a butt print on her bed. It turns out it worked - she went upstairs and found a nice big, wet butt print right in the center of her bed. He found this hilarious and so did we. I mean it's a harmless joke, big deal. Well she was just wondering - she couldn't get pregnant from that could she? I mean she slept in the same bed and laid where he sat *kind of hard for her to not lay there since it was right in the middle of her bed*. She doesn't sleep naked, or even in just underwear. She always wears complete pjs *pants or shorts and a shirt*. So the butt print on the bed joke won't get her pregnant, right?
And sperm can't get through clothes, correct? She's just kind of wondering if she could get pregnant from that prank or not.
theres no way she could get pregnant from water from his butt...
there isnt even semen involved in this.
My dog pees what seems to be unvoluntary?
I have a female boxer who's 7 years old. I had let her out to do her business, took a shower, and went in to my bedroom where she was laying on my bed. There was a big wet spot next to her butt, and it was obviously pee. I know she did both #1 and #2 because I saw her go. Should I be worried? I don't want to take her to the vet because it's just so expensive, come to find out there might not be anything wrong with her. Thank you very much in advance.
If it happens once you don't have to rush to the vet. If it happens again though I would make an appointment. You don't have a young dog anymore so it's important to stay on top of her health.
In the summer, how do you keep your swimsuit bottoms from riding up when you're wet?
For girls... and perferably a way for all day... I don't want to say I have a "big" butt, but it's not small (lol). I'm getting a new swimsuit to match my new tattoo so I was just wondering if there's anything to do about it.
Just gotta get a fuller cut suit bottom!!!
Wet underwear?? after sitting down i notice that my crotch is wet. I have been wearing a pad?
and it also gets wet. i am only 22 years old. I felt down there to see what it could be and the wetness also seems to be coming from the back of the crotch closer to the anus could this be that my groin is sweating or that there is urinary leakage? I have quite biig thighs and a big butt so maybe with sitting i am sweating and that is making my underwear wet could this be?
you probably are sweating as you say you are big in that area
being big also causes incontinence as well see a Dr if you are worried about it

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